was born in 2005 in the form of a simple website intended to facilitate communication amongst a group of Maltese friends travelling together to Brasil! 8 years and many trips later, has become a point of reference for travellers who are seeking unique experiences.

Our philosophy is simple: the more different a destination is from what we are used to, the more it excites us! Our itineraries take in the highlights but we like to detour off the beaten track whenever possible. We like to open our trips to a small group of travel buddies thus making the most of the benefits that come with travelling in groups while ensuring enough flexibility and free time for independent discoveries! is driven by passion not by money... this is a hobby not a business. As you can see from our detailed itineraries, we're obsessed with quality not quantity. We are continuously researching new destination as we struggle to satisfy our wanderlust :) These trips are our family travels however we like to share our experiences with like-minded people...which is why we gladly accept a very limited number of travellers on our trips. Since places on our trips are limited, they normally get fully booked within a few days so if you want to join us and you share our passion for travelling, don't think too much coz it might be too late.

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We're blessed to have travelled to over one third of the world so if you would like to travel to a destination which you don't see featured above, we might still have an itinerary for it from a past trip. In that case, we'll be more than happy to pass on the knowledge and/or experiences that we learnt over to you.




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